Welcome to JAZUN

Founded in 1969 and located in industrial zone, JAZUN is committed to provide cost effective and customer-oriented solutions from the very beginning of accurate mold design to the end of value chain.

As a professional OEM manufacturer and exporter of various product categories from industrial metal and plastic parts to uniform accessories; JAZUN has utilized the breadth and depth of its expertise and experience to better serve customers around the globe.

On time and on budget, JAZUN is the solution for your multiple needs for businesses, contact us and see what your businesses can benefit from us.

Product and Service
.metal part
.plastic part
.plastic injection mold
.plastic injection component
.bolt, nut, fastener, washer and mechanical component
.rubber part
.metal lapel pin
.embroidered emblem

臂章, 刺繡, 徽章, 帽子, 衣服, 國旗, 藝品,Patch, Emblem, Embroidery, Badge, Cap, Uniform, Applique, Schiffli, Hat, Lodge flap, Flag, Sticker, Silkscreen, Police, Military,Fire, Pin, Ambulance,Digitize, Punch, Scouting, Woven label, Camporee, Order of the Arrow, Chenille, Crest, Bullion, Soccer, Baseball,Banner, Enamel

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